A customer once told us, “I like knowing my food was made just a few feet away from where I bought it.”

While freshness plays a large part in amazing flavor, we’re most proud of our carefully-selected ingredients. We’ve been through MANY painstaking test batches trying to find healthier alternatives to some of the popular quicker and easier methods. We’re still on the lookout for a blueberry bagel recipe we like that avoids artificial flavoring!

You might hear us say things like “unbromated” or “unbleached flour.” But why? What do these things mean and why are they important?

Unbromated Flour

As the name suggests, our flour has never been treated with potassium bromate. Unfortunately, this toxic chemical is commonly used in fast food and is even banned in other countries.

Why? Because experts like the National Library of Medicine and the Department of Health have made it clear there are serious risks of cancer linked to this additive.

Sure, it creates stronger dough, helps bread rise faster, and gives it a whiter look, but we will not compromise the health of your family for our own convenience. 

Unbleached Flour

Technically all flour is bleached, but with unbleached flour the process happens naturally as the flour ages. Bleached flour is treated with chemical agents, most commonly benzoyl peroxide and chlorine gas, among others. Do you want to eat food processed with those?