Why Bravo Bagel?

1. You want to do something meaningful. We’re building Bravo Bagel from the ground up, not taking orders from a corporate office. Yes, we have a vision, but you can help mold and shape what we become. This is an opportunity to impact your community and the direction of a company. Every voice here matters.

2. You want to learn. We’re seasoned professionals with over a decade of experience building and growing teams at local start-ups and multi-national corporations. Developing others into the leaders they want to be is our passion, and one of the reasons Bravo Bagel exists!

3. You have a life. Family comes first – always. Our business hours are perfect for anyone who values being home for dinner. Providing you quality time away from work and no less than one day off a week are a priority.

4. You don’t want to work for jerks. We’re not jerks.


Open Positions

We’re looking for people with a sense of humor who love working with people. If any of these interest you and you’re available on the days our customers love to eat breakfast (Saturdays/Sundays), please email josh@bravobagel.com.

Cook: frying the bacon, cooking the eggs, making the sammys. You’ll go home smelling great.

Cashier: say hi, crack a few jokes, show everyone how to swipe their credit card. You make or break the Bravo Bagel experience!