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What's taking so long?

As of today, our 800+ followers across Facebook and Instagram are wondering – WHERE ARE THE BAGELS? We originally hoped to open in December 2021, yet here we are in February and still no bagels.

Is it because of COVID? Supply shortages? Staffing issues?


There’s A LOT of planning and work that goes into opening any business, and we’re making slow but steady progress. Trust us, we’re just as excited as you are to eat good bagels!

The exterior signs went up this week, making our presence in Lower Providence more obvious than ever. If you drive down Trooper road at night, this tiny sign is BRIGHT. We can’t help but notice cars slowing down just a bit more than they did before.

On the interior, we tore down and re-framed a wall (to fit a large walk-in cooler), painted the bathrooms, and added wall re-enforcements where needed. Eventually, we’ll share the fun before and after pics, but here’s a sneak peek:

What's Next?

With construction moving so quickly, we’re hopeful we’ll have working facilities by the end of the month. We’ll need a week or so to train staff, cook off a few batches of bagels, and prepare for a soft opening. A grand opening in March looks very realistic!

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